The Complete Collection Database of Culture Relics and Archaeology in Western Regions

The Complete Collection of Cultural Relics and Archaeology in the Western Regions Database assembles all the results of the research completed by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bureau of Cultural Heritage on the subject of relics and archaeological studies during the past 60 years. It is the definitive collection of archeological data for this historically important region.

The Chinese western regions, referring to the center of the Eurasia areas, served as a transfer station for economic and cultural communications between the east and the west, and are the most important node of the Silk Road.

The database contains 39 volumes including 70,000 valuable illustrations and photographs, and it still being added to with annual updates. It shows the locations of over 10,000 sties where relics were found, such as ancient ruins, ancient tombs, historic buildings, stone cave templates, etc. The database includes much important cultural and historical data, covering the Neolithic society in Xinjiang, the Silk Road, Buddhism, and Islamic culture, etc. Each of cultural relics is introduced and described according to its location, environmental conditions, preservation conditions, and other relevant information. Entries also include high-definition photos, locating maps for sites, and relevant relics.

The database collects essential resources for the researchers studying archaeology, history, and historic preservation. It also provides a panoramic view of the scenery, history, and development of the Western Regions.

With extensive materials relating to politics, economy, ethnicity, religion, and arts, the database is essential for museums, archaeologists, historians, geographers, social scientists and scholars of the Silk Road trade. The database will be an important source of information on cultural exchange between the East and the West among the countries of central Asia and South Asia in medieval times.

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