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Finance and Accounting Database
The database has collected more than 581,415 full-text documents since 1995. It includes two categories: finance and accounting, and is classified into 12 subcategories. In the aspect of finance, it contains currency (monetary system, currency circulation, money supply and demand), credit and interest rates (credit, interest and interest rates), commercial bank, central bank (functions and policies), security (stock, bond, futures, and derivative financial instruments), insurance (personal insurance, property insurance, and reinsurance), macro-control (Inflation & deflation, and policy regulation), international finance and trade (international finance, international trade and exchange rate), financial engineering. In the aspect of accounting, it includes cost and audit (cost accounting, management accounting, audit, revenue, and education for accounting), financial management (investment management, assets management, and currency management). The amounts of data updated per year are 7,000.

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