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Law Database
The database collects more than 618629 full-text documents since 1989, composed of 10 sub-databases. It contains all the types of law which are constitution, civil law (the civil code of countries in the world, the civil law system, the concept of civil law, basic principle of civil law, the origin of civil law, the adjustment object of civil law), commercial law (bankrupt law, corporation law, general theory of commercial law, maritime law, negotiable instruments law), administrative law, economic law (banking and insurance law, competition law, consumer protection and product quality law, environment law, internet law, labor law, tax law), criminal law, procedural law, international law (energy law, human right act, intellectual property law, international criminal law, international trade law, space law), military law (conscript law, law of war, military penal law, national defense law), typical cases, news of law and other related topics. The database includes plenty of court reports, bills, articles about legal system construction and development published on leading journals and magazines, and legal provisions of some countries. The amounts of data updated per year are 10, 000.

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