每年更新:2000+ 。

制漿造紙工程 Pulp and Paper Engineering
皮革化學與工程 Leather Engineering
紡織服裝 Textile and Apparel
制陶業 Ceramics
發酵 Fermentation
酒業 Wine
其他 Others

Light Industry & Textile and Apparel Database
The database has collected more than 138117 full-text documents since 1999, classified into 7 categories. It has fully integrated the information resources of light industry, textile and apparel abroad. The database involves the following aspects: pulp and paper engineering (pulping technology, paper technology, pulping and papermaking industry, printing and packaging industry, environmental protection, and pulping material), leather chemistry and engineering, textile and garment (textile technology, textile materials, dyeing and finishing, apparel design, apparel and fashion Technology, and industry research), ceramics, ferment, wine industry and others. The amounts of data updated per year are 2,000.

Online Database (1 Year)

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