每年更新:7000+ 。

結構材料 Structural Materials
金屬材料 Metal Materials
電性材料 Electricity Materials
半導體材料 Semiconductor Materials
超導材料 Superconducting Materials
磁性材料 Magnetism Materials
光學材料 Optics Materials
新型生物材料 Biomaterials
新能源材料 New Energy, Battery Materials
形狀記憶材料 Shape Memory Materials
梯度功能材料 Functionary Gradient Materials
複合材料 Composite Materials
納米材料 Nano Materials
陶瓷材料 Ceramics Materials
計算材料 Computational Materials
高分子材料 Macromolecular Materials
材料工程 Material Science and Engineering
其他 Others

Materials Database
The database has collected more than 1303248 full-text documents since 1995, which involves the following aspects: structural materials, metal materials, electric materials, semiconductor materials, superconducting materials, magnetic materials, optical materials, new biological materials, new energy materials, shape memory materials, functional gradient materials, composite materials, nanometer materials, ceramic materials, computational materials, high molecular materials, etc. Generally, materials could be classified into structural materials and functional materials. Structural materials are based on the mechanical properties and are used to make bearing carriers. Functional materials are kind of materials which are formed mainly by utilizing unique physical properties, chemical properties or biological functions of substances. The amounts of data updated per year are 7,000.

Online Database (1 Year)

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