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普通心理學 General Psychology
認知心理學 Cognitive Psychology
實驗心理學 Experimental Psychology
比較心理學 Comparative psychology
發展心理學 Developmental psychology
行為神經學 Behavioral neuroscience
教育心理學 Educational /School psychology
社會心理學 Social psychology
臨床心理學 Clinical Psychology
工業/組織心理學 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
生理心理學 Physiological Psychology
應用心理學 Applied Psychology
其他 Others

Psychology Database
The database has collected more than 630634 full-text documents since 1995. It has fully integrated the information resources of psychology abroad. It is classified into the following 12 categories: general psychology, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, comparative psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral neuroscience, educational psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, Industrial/organizational psychology, physiologic psychology, and applied psychology. Applied psychology also includes several aspects such as occupation, consumption, advertisement, consultation, aviation, environment, health, human factor, sports, judicial, and crime. The amounts of data updated per year are 3,000.

Online Database (1 Year)

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